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Cat Guardianship Form

Pet Guardianship Cat Enrollment Form

Thank you for taking the responsible step to enroll your beloved pet in Yavapai Humane Society’s Pet Guardianship Program. Cats can’t talk, so they can’t tell us where or with whom they would like to live. To ensure that their home is a safe, happy & appropriate place for your cat to live, we need you to fill out this form in as much detail as possible. Detail & honest information from you is crucial to our placement process, so please take the time to fill in this profile with care & accuracy. Undesirable behaviors & medical issues do not necessarily create problems, however, not disclosing those problems definitely does. Inaccurate or incomplete responses can undermine the safety & happiness of both your cat & the new adopting family. If there are any questions that are unclear or that you are uncomfortable responding to for any reason, please ask to speak directly to one of our helpful staff about the issue.
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Vaccinated within the past year?
Is your cat declawed?
Where did you obtain this cat?
Would you recommend placing this cat in a home with children under 10 years of age?
If this cat lived with children under 10 years of age, how did they interact?
Check all that apply
Please tell us what other animals your cat has lived with
Check all that apply
How does this cat behave with other cats in your home or outside of your home?
Check all that apply
Would you recommend placing this cat in a home with other cats?
How does this cat interact with dogs?
Check all that apply
Is your cat litter box trained?
Has the cat ever inappropriately eliminated?
Where does the cat reside?
How many hours a day is your cat left alone?
Are there any particular people or things that your cat appears to be afraid of?
Has your cat ever
Check all that apply
What made them behave this way?
Please describe in detail
What part of your cats body does he/she not like touched?
Check all that apply
How does he/she respond?
Check all that apply
I certify I have the authority to enroll the above described animal in the Pet Guardianship Program. Upon my death or incapacitation, I hereby relinquish all rights of ownership, in the above-described animal(s) in favor of Yavapai Humane Society, and I agree that the animal(s) may be placed up for adoption, transferred to another animal welfare organization or humanely euthanized at the sole discretion of Yavapai Humane Society. I authorize the transfer of my animal’s information (as listed above) to a new owner when this animal is placed up for adoption. The information on this form is to the best of my knowledge, accurate & complete. I understand that every effort will be made to place the animal in a foster home while it awaits adoption, but it may be housed temporarily in the YHS Adoption Center. I understand that YHS will attempt to place my animals in the same home but also understand the most important thing is to have them in a loving home, even if it means they are separated.
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